it’s been a while, she said

since i made love — like a connection

with another human being

he doesn’t understand,

what making love means

and claims the only time

was once in his dreams

that’s interesting she says, was it wet?

but he just laughs

because he doesn’t understand…



I try to convince myself

that it doesn’t matter,

but it does –

it always does.

The feelings

to be wanted,

to want someone

are not easily discouraged

Whenever it starts,

I always tell myself,

“Don’t get your hopes up”,

“It is only temporary”,

and then,

it hits me —



I have had a man trace my body

as if it was a painting,

actions which speak volumes

to what one was thinking

any sensation

as graceful,

as delicate,

like fingertips drifting across water

without penetrating its surface

would instill enough ease

to drift into a sleep

where dreams remind…



R.D. Boucher

R.D. Boucher


Dami grew up in Hillside, NJ and attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She is currently working on her PhD in Santa Cruz, CA.